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Anatomical shape. Wide connection points guarantee tension-free linking. Two different sizes.
Grouped product items
Ref. Description Price Offer Price Qty
H00935 Wax single pontics 11 a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00936 Wax single pontics 11 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00933 Wax single pontics 12 a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00934 Wax single pontics 12 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00931 Wax single pontics 13 a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00932 Wax single pontics 13 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00929 Wax single pontics 17-16a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00930 Wax single pontics 17-16b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00937 Wax single pontics 21 a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00938 Wax single pontics 21 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00939 Wax single pontics 22a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00940 Wax single pontics 22b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00941 Wax single pontics 23a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00942 Wax single pontics 23b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00944 Wax single pontics 26-27b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00956 Wax single pontics 33b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00958 Wax single pontics 34b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00959 Wax single pontics 35a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00960 Wax single pontics 35b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00961 Wax single pontics 36-37a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00962 Wax single pontics 36-37b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00954 Wax single pontics 43b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00952 Wax single pontics 44 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00949 Wax single pontics 45 a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00950 Wax single pontics 45 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00947 Wax single pontics 47-46 a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00948 Wax single pontics 47-46 b 17,64€ 13,20€
H00927 Wax single pontics ok a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00945 Wax single pontics uk a 17,64€ 13,20€
H00946 Wax single pontics uk b 17,64€ 13,20€
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