In PROCLINIC GROUP, as evidence of our commitment with a compliant and ethical culture, we have created our Ethical Channel. This Channel works as a key tool to effectively comply with our Code of Ethics, PROCLINIC GROUP’s internal and external mandatory regulation. The Ethical Channel allows us to spot early irregularities within the organization, which helps us to adopt quick controls and actions to prevent any upcoming illegalities against our Code of Ethics. Therefore, by launching our Ethical Channel, we contribute to the continuous improvement of our internal mechanisms of control.

The success of the Ethical Channel relies on its engagement with those individuals and legal entities linked to PROCLINIC GROUP such as employees, clients, providers, etc. We want to encourage everyone to participate and use our Ethical Channel, if necessary, to help us detecting and preventing any behaviours that could put our organization at risk.

To achieve this objective, we provide you with our Ethical Channel, owned by an external and independent third party, conceived as a secure channel for the submission of reports or complaints, which guarantees the indemnity and absolute confidentiality of any good faith whistleblower.

If required, PROCLINIC GROUP will initiate an internal investigation to clarify any reported facts and take the measures we deem appropriate.

Please click here for further information, to enter in our Ethical Channel Use Policy.

To access to the Ethical Channel, please click the following link: