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Regular Price 29,75€ Special Price 9,99€ VAT excluded
You save 66% per unit
Brand: G&H WIRE
Family: Elastomers
Subfamily: Chains
PACKAGE: Chain of 4.5 metres
Aerial Transport

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Dontalia informs you:
Latex-Free, Dyna-Link™ elastomeric chain offers superior memory and durability characteristics with excellent color stability and stain resistance. .026"" thickness. 15ft. Spool
Grouped product items
Ref. Description Price Offer Price Qty
L6342 Dyna link chain continuous clear 29,75€ 9,99€
L6343 Dyna link chain continuous grey 29,75€ 9,99€
L7005 Dyna link chain continuous pearl blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L8051 Dyna link chain long black 29,75€ 9,99€
L2089 Dyna link chain long clear 29,75€ 9,99€
L2091 Dyna link chain long clear blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L2090 Dyna link chain long grey 29,75€ 9,99€
L2093 Dyna link chain long pearl blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L8052 Dyna link chain long pink 29,75€ 9,99€
L7011 Dyna link chain long purple 29,75€ 9,99€
L7012 Dyna link chain long royal blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L2094 Dyna link chain long ruby red 29,75€ 9,99€
L2095 Dyna link chain long silver 29,75€ 9,99€
L7014 Dyna link chain short green 29,75€ 9,99€
L7013 Dyna link chain short black 29,75€ 9,99€
L1985 Dyna link chain short clear 29,75€ 9,99€
L1990 Dyna link chain short clear blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L1986 Dyna link chain short fluorescent pink 29,75€ 9,99€
L1987 Dyna link chain short fuchsia 29,75€ 9,99€
L1988 Dyna link chain short glow 29,75€ 9,99€
L7004 Dyna link chain short glow blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L1989 Dyna link chain short grey 29,75€ 9,99€
L1991 Dyna link chain short lavender 29,75€ 9,99€
L7016 Dyna link chain short metallic red 29,75€ 9,99€
L1992 Dyna link chain short navy blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L1993 Dyna link chain short neon green 29,75€ 9,99€
L7015 Dyna link chain short pearl 29,75€ 9,99€
L1995 Dyna link chain short pearl blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L10210 Dyna link chain short pink 29,75€ 9,99€
L7017 Dyna link chain short purple 29,75€ 9,99€
L1996 Dyna link chain short royal blue 29,75€ 9,99€
L1997 Dyna link chain short ruby red 29,75€ 9,99€
L1998 Dyna link chain short silver 29,75€ 9,99€
L10214 Dyna-link elastomeric chain, metallic silver, continuous 29,75€ 9,99€
L1994 Dyna-link elastomeric chain, orange, short 29,75€ 9,99€
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