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Low firing temperature for high flexibility. Its low firing temperature of 750°C ensures reliable processing without framework warping, even with framework materials with low thermal stability. The veneering ceramic is designed for framework materials with a CTE of 10.2 - 10.5 μm/mK, making it ideal for veneering zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate frameworks. The stablised leucite structure (SLS) also provides HeraCeram Zirkonia 750 with better protection against chipping and cracking - for very strong ceramic restorations.
Grouped product items
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H64588 Heraceram zirkonia 750 corrector cor 59,00€ 43,50€
H64468 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine da1 59,00€ 43,50€
H64470 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine da2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64472 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine da3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64474 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine da3.5 59,00€ 43,50€
H64476 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine da4 59,00€ 43,50€
H64478 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine db1 59,00€ 43,50€
H64480 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine db2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64482 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine db3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64484 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine db4, 20g 59,00€ 43,50€
H64486 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine dc1 59,00€ 43,50€
H64488 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine dc2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64496 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine dc3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64490 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine dc3, 20g 59,00€ 43,50€
H64494 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine dd2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64500 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine s1 59,00€ 43,50€
H64502 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine s2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64504 Heraceram zirkonia 750 dentine s3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64566 Heraceram zirkonia 750 enhancer eha 59,00€ 43,50€
H64522 Heraceram zirkonia 750 increaser ina1 59,00€ 43,50€
H64528 Heraceram zirkonia 750 increaser ina3.5 59,00€ 43,50€
H64542 Heraceram zirkonia 750 increaser inc2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64550 Heraceram zirkonia 750 increaser ind3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64514 Heraceram zirkonia 750 opal incisal os1 59,00€ 43,50€
H64516 Heraceram zirkonia 750 opal incisal os2 59,00€ 43,50€
H64518 Heraceram zirkonia 750 opal incisal os3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64612 Heraceram zirkonia 750 opal transpa ot5 59,00€ 43,50€
H64508 Heraceram zirkonia 750 transpa clear 59,00€ 43,50€
H64510 Heraceram zirkonia 750 transpa t 59,00€ 43,50€
H64604 Heraceram zirkonia 750 value vl3 59,00€ 43,50€
H64584 Heraceram zirkonia 750gingivag 5 59,00€ 43,50€
H64586 Heraceram zirkonia 750gingivag 6, 20g 59,00€ 43,50€
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